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Wes Andersons style is one of the most recognisable in cinema, Fantastic Mr Fox takes all of his stylistic vision and puts it into the form of a stop motion feature. Based on the novel of Roald Dahl, this novel to film adaptation takes this story by the scruff of the neck and makes it unforgettable.

Written by Elliot Lines

With a fairly basic plot the story allows you to spend time with these characters, truly learning their motives and provides the ability to connect with them so you have a deal of care about the outcome. Even having a basic plot doesn't let this film down, the was Anderson uses those recognisable techniques elevates the story to a new entertaining level.

Engaging with the viewer is a must, something in which the dialogue throughout this film allows to happen. It helps the film flow, keeping to going at the right pace throughout, with a perfect voice casting to accompany the script in play. These actors manage to provide the right balance of seriousness, while also adding that little dose of humour and wit.

Sometimes Wes Andersons work can divide opinions due to the unique style he adds to his films, but personally this is what makes them great. One of the best working directors today shows us here that even 11 years on, his films are still as unique and fresh as the day they got released.


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