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When it come to Adam McKay you can expect a satirical comedy, Don't Look Up with its stacked cast takes that to another level, digging its heels into the society we live in.

Written by Elliot Lines

When Dr Randall Mindy (Leonardo Dicaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) discover a comet heading for earth, they discover that a multitude of important people that could make a difference, just don't give a crap.

Don't Look Up is littered with social commentary. Throughout the film there are many references that as a society everyone will be aware of. But the scary thing about this, is how accurate it actually is. There are people in this world that for their own selfish reasons would put themselves and a limited group of people before the fate of the planet. That stems from tech companies, the media and even the government.

Don't Look Up features a huge cast. Dicaprio goes for the jugular throughout, it feels like he's trying to get a point across. Same is said for Lawrence, the only off-putting part may just be that haircut. The film also features stars such as Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill and Cate Blanchett who put in great performances, showcasing the points McKay was trying to get across.

With the satirical nature to the film the humour was always going to land. Its an almost ridiculous story, but going to the extreme to show how certain people would react in any situation, let alone if there was an extinction level event. The humour lands because of how ridiculous all of this is, but scarily realistic.

There are only so many references you could make in a film surely, but why not cram them all in. Adam Mckay with Don't Look Up puts to the forefront problems we have encountered over the last few years, but entwined them amongst a satirical comedy with a host of stardom.


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