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It's been 20 years since the revving of the engines began, but this franchise has come a long way since the DVD player heist days, with each instalment becoming bigger and even more ridiculous. F9 was no exception, but is it a step too far.

Written by Elliot Lines

We have come to expect to witness some of the most ridiculous stunts on our screens. F9 does not hold back in any shape or form, testing almost the boundaries of physics, impossible stunts left right and centre. You don't go 10 minutes without seeing a big action scene, for the magnitude is is amazing how none of these characters seem to get harmed...very curious! Funnily enough they actually address this in the film with a bit of humour, almost making fun of themselves.

There has always been a running theme throughout these films, family. Where you're fed this theme throughout with a series of flashbacks, the impact certainly isn't as hard hitting as previous instalments.

Dominic Torretto's (Vin Diesel) brother is introduced, he's the villain for the majority of the film. The flashbacks served as the set up for the relationship they now have, which is non existent, these are dotted throughout the film almost giving you a break from the non-stop action we're used to. Overall the plot is a complete mess from start to finish, with almost too much going on, not even over-complicated just totally unnecessary when all you want is to see big action set pieces.

There is a welcome return for a few characters, with the likes of Mia and Han making their return to the family. Fan favourites in their own right do manage to add some nostalgia value and there is even an emotional homage to the late Paul Walker and his character Brian.

The precedent was set with the quality of Fast 5 and the emotional heights were never going to beat Fast and Furious 7, maybe this is where it should've stopped. While F9 is full of some truly impossible action set pieces, which the fans love, but you can't help but feel it's lost that "family" focus.


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