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When Vince Vaughn's name is attached to something, your first thought is comedy. Freaky manages to incorporate a sprinkling of comedy into the horror genre, giving this slasher body swap film a great balance from start to finish.

Written by Elliot Lines

When a high school teen Millie (Katheryn Newton) swaps bodies with The Butcher (Vince Vaughn) a derranged serial killer, after being stabbed with a cursed knife, she must find a way to get her body back before the curse becomes permanent.

Vaughn is in his element here. His presence as The Butcher is menacing in itself with his large figure, but he also has to play the role of a teen girl, and Vaughn looks like he's having a lot with the role. The same is said for Katheryn Newton, who starts off as a timid teen but has to take on the role of a serial killer and make it convincing.

The story itself flows well throughout, and from the get go you know what you're getting yourself into. The first 10 minutes is a concoction of brutal murders, in which Freaky does not stop coming. While these killings are happening, you get an interesting dynamic with this group of people trying to help Millie (In the Butchers body), which makes for some truly laugh out loud scenes. There are some high school stereotypical moments, but these can be easily overlooked, they don't add much to the story but give a little to the character building.

Freaky doesn't hold back on its gory killings, but the premise allows this film to become more than just another slasher. The comedy is timed well, and this allows Vince Vaughn loose, while showing Kathryn Newton's range.


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