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If you're a fan of the monster genre and a constant barrage of extravagant battles then you're going to love this movie. On the contrary, if you're someone who enjoys dialogue and character development, you will loathe this film.

Written by Joe Brown

It's clear to see that that this sequel to the 2014 Godzilla took all the negatives from that film and tried to address them in this movie. The main criticism was that Godzilla was not in the film enough and if you were one of them people then you're in for quite a ride with Godzilla: King Of Monsters. There are so many epic battle sequences that were awesome to watch and done fantastically well.

The cinematography was jaw dropping and it was amazing what the CGI team were able to achieve. Also the colour palettes were beautiful and provided a really different aesthetic that worked superbly well. Shades of dark blue, fluorescent green and deep red constantly catches the eye and burns onto the screen, it really is a beautiful film to watch.

However, this movie could have some of the worst character development out of any movie in 2019. It's almost as if the movies sole focus was to create a mega monster cinematic experience, which it does achieve. But there are so many other elements to creating a good movie which this film does not have. The cast is fantastic but with the weak dialogue and no real expansion of characters, all humans become obsolete which made for many boring moments.

What is so strange is that they had such a long time to create this film and the script almost feels like a first draft. So many moments make no sense and you honestly feel as if the characters are only there to facilitate the monsters. The reasons characters do things are so they can get from point A to point B so more monsters can fight each other, which just becomes very repetitive.

If this movie was created to right the wrongs of the first film, it somewhat does do that. But in doing so, creates its own problems which might leave you feeling disappointed. If you're looking for an all out action monster movie then you will really have a fun a time. However, if you're interested in a cohesive story line and characters you can relate to and get on board with, this is not a movie you will enjoy. Hopefully, Godzilla vs Kong is going to blend both of these aspects to create an awesome movie on all levels!


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