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Written by Alex Gilston

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson come together as the unlikeliest of couples in the new romantic-comedy, based on a graphic novel of the same name, Marry Me. This strangers to lovers story packs everything in that there is to love about a well executed rom-com, it’s heartwarming, charming, tear-jerking, and it even has some catchy original J-Lo tunes to boot.

If someone was to ask you what your favourite romantic-comedy was, in most cases the film picked wouldn’t be from the past ten years. There’s been a distinct lack of memorable rom-coms for some time and hopefully Marry Me might mark the start of a renaissance for the genre. Kat Valdez (J-Lo) is a mega famous pop star who is about to get married to her fiance, Bastian (Maluma), at one of her concerts infront of her adoring fans. But before she goes on stage she finds out that he has cheated on her. In a moment of madness she points to a random person in the crowd and marries them instead, and that person is Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson). What starts as a facade for the cameras starts to flourish into genuine connection, but with them both being from separate walks of life can it truly work out for the best? The strangers to lovers trope is utilised perfectly in Marry Me, and their getting to know each other is never rushed leaving it feeling more natural.

There’s a sickly sweetness to Marry Me, it's insufferably nice, but that never comes to the detriment of the film as a whole, and actually becomes it’s greatest strength. The unbridled kindness and positivity puts it in a position that not many films like it find themselves in, and it makes it easy to become massively invested in the central couple. On paper Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson being a couple does not work whatsoever, but their chemistry bubbles to the top and makes the eventual relationship seem more believable and genuine.

Sarah SIlverman acts as the main comic relief as Owen Wilson’s colleague and friend Parker. Silverman’s unique brand of comedy comes to the forefront, offering some of the funniest moments of the film. We also get the absolute pleasure of Marry Me being peppered with some original Jennifer Lopez songs. In the context of the movie they’re all brilliant tunes, especially "Love of My Life", but on repeat listening they are beyond catchy.

Marry Me is the perfect tonic, a film filled to the brim with pure love. A romantic-comedy that stands out from the crowd, and one that can come close to the other films in the genre that we hold in such high regard. A litmus test for that being how it holds up on a second viewing, and there are very positive signs that it will have a tonne of rewatchability.



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