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There are films over the years that aren't of the best quality, but seem to gather a great follow just due to the nature of the films itself. Meatball Machine is wild, gruesome and wacky, amassing a cult following over the years.

Written by Elliot Lines

You're not going to witness big CGI action set pieces, more so underwhelming fight scenes, but what you do see is a unique idea with moments that will shock you like no other.

The premise is basic, parasitic aliens take over the human body making them into these cyborgian humans with tentacles. They live to fight each other and just use the humans as a transportation system to achieve their goal.

The characters on show here aren't special in anyway, but there are a couple of characters you do begin to care for. But the shocking nature of some of the scenes is what really stands out across the board. An interesting idea, put together in a clear amateur manner. These are the types of films that occur a random following, Meatball Machine fits right into that category.

Out now on special edition Blu-Ray

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