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There occasionally comes a story that will blow your mind, Misha And The Wolves manages to do that a few times over. With twist after twist, this documentary unravels the secrets entwined within, expect the unexpected.

Written by Elliot Lines

Misha And The Wolves tells the story of a holocaust survivor, who recounts her tale of walking across Germany to find her birth parents, on the way connecting with a pack of wolves. Written as a book, the story gathered plenty of attention and everyone wanted a piece of it. But not was all as it seemed, an unravelling that is shocking, but there is only more to discover.

The documentary is well made, showing this story through the eyes of both sides, or that's what it seems. Managing to mostly hide the truth of Misha's story through interviews with "her", you do sympathise with different people at different times that have been caught up in this.

Ultimately Misha And The Wolves doesn't make any of these people look good, ending on neutral ground because both parties here chose to do what they have done for selfish reasons. An incredible story, that is almost unbelievable in not one way but a few.


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