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There hasn't been as much anticipation for a film since Avengers Endgame, but the opening of the multiverse has caused the hype for Spider-man: No Way Home to ramp up to the highest levels we've seen. With the return of some recognisable villains, theres questions as to whether this many villains can reside in one film. But my god, John Watts has pulled it off, providing a heartfelt, deeply emotional and an absolute blockbuster of a Marvel film.

Written by Elliot Lines

The anticipation going into this was the highest in a long while. In the trailers it is confirmed the return of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Sandman and Electro, and not new interpretations of the characters, the ones we've seen before. This obviously sent the fans wild with plenty of rumours and speculation going around for everyone to get excited about, but was the outcome going to be similar to that of Spiderman 3. They're all incorporated into this movie well, never really feeling like none of them belong there, and to see these villains back on the screen was an absolute delight.

After being revealed as Spider-man by Mysterio, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is probably going through the toughest time in his young life. This is all new to him. His character goes through a journey here, which his relationships with many of the characters here are front and center. The film does well to keep this the focus when there is so much more going on, but ultimately creating a heartfelt and emotional ride throughout.

When you're 25 films deep into a franchise, its difficult to see what more you could do but Watts has found it here. Not only has he managed to find a way to service the die hard fans out there, but also the ones that may not follow as closely can have a bloody good time. It services everyone with a combination of humour scattered throughout and those fantastic hero vs villain battles that are an everprecense on our screens.

It may be a biased opinion but its hard to argue that this could be the best Spidey outing yet, and even one of the best MCU films to date. It's the first time since Endgame that the audience has got involved, you'll laugh, cry and be surprised. Spider-man: No Way Home is one for the masses, the perfect comic book adventure.


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