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Following a dysfunctional family in a time where the robots rise against humanity, this new Netflix addition, The Mitchell's vs The Machines, is a pure delight from start to finish.

Written by Elliot Lines

Just from the story telling standpoint this excels. Each moment has a meaning whether in the moment of later in the story, which makes for a smooth transition into each scene. Following this families journey is an incredibly fun time, not only is there laugh out loud moments but there is a real connection built to the characters.

The whole film is filled with wacky antics on this wild road trip. These characters embrace these moments, but the family still feels relatable to a certain extent. You've got a stroppy teen fighting for her independence, an over-trying father just wanting to preserve their relationship, a typical overprotective mother, a reserved little brother and who could forget the dopey family dog. This all forms an interesting collection of people, who complement each other in such a way that elevates each characteristic.

Not only were the characters exceptionally well built, but the animation style was fantastic. Recently we were given the treat of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, a truly unique animation style, but this also could rival that with a vibrant pallet and different animation styles used throughout the film, keeping this interesting and entertaining for everyone.

The Mitchell's And The Machines excels on almost all fronts. A rip roaring time from start to finish, the journey with this family could be one of the best additions to Netflix in a while, a must watch for the whole family.


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