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To make a film compelling when not much really happens is a testament to all those involved. The Nest digs deep into the demise of this seemingly perfect family when one mans greed pushes them all away from each other.

Written by Elliot Lines

The Nest is a real slow burner, where there doesn't actually seem like much point to the story, but when looking deeper you can see it for what it really is. The depiction of how this families attitude changes towards each other is strung out across the runtime, causing this to create an emotional atmosphere that is certainly felt in the final delivery.

Jude Law and Carrie Coon play the two parents, Hugo and Alison. Their performances both show these characters relationship diminish throughout, fully exploring the affects Hugo's greed has caused on this family. Coon is the standout, with an emotional portrayal of a wife who has simply had enough of his s***. At times she even creates a few laughs at his expense, this is ultimately because he is such an unlikable character, whereas she is the glue trying to hold the family together.

The problem The Nest may have is with the pacing. Not a lot really happens in the film, the stakes are this family connection but for certain viewers it may not offer an interesting enough story to keep the interest throughout. However, it is clear to see what this film is attempting to do, the slow nature helps the character arcs and aids the overall story line.

The Nest will not be to everyone's taste and may be too slow for many, but this is a psychological look into the demise of a family due to one mans greed. It is well made and boasts some fantastic performances.


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