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For a subject I personally knew nothing about, Edgar Wright creates a huge amount of interest and intrigue in The Sparks Brothers. An uplifting and brilliantly made documentary, bringing to light the influence and drive Russell and Ron have had over the years.

Written by Elliot Lines

For a band that has been around for 50 years, it was a shock that they weren't more familiar. What Edgar Wright tells with this documentary is that whole 50 year journey, and the main point of how these two brothers have not changed their vision over that duration. It is clear and concise throughout, using the brothers themselves to tell this story decade at a time, with the aid of people that were surrounding them in those moments to tell their version.

There is a simplicity to how this was made, but the overall result has so much impact. Their career is full of ups and downs, but there never seems to be a dull moment between them. The bond that they have still to this day is clear to see, they are happier together, never even thinking of moving apart when all things have gone wrong.

Ron and Russell's drive is clear for all to see, but they never succumb to the social pressure of having to change for the world, they stick to what they love, this may be why they're still going this far on. This documentary celebrates this, and shines a light on their whole career even the bad moments, but there is emphasises on how they recovered from these lows and brought back the highs.

A beautifully made documentary from Edgar Wright, with the use of never before seen footage and interviews with the men themselves and others around them. The Sparks Brothers is a effective film, and would inspire anyone to strive for what they love.


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