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Without Remorse is a cool, espionage, action thriller, with a superb performance from Michael B Jordan. However, if you have grown up watching action movies throughout the years, then there will be nothing in this movie that you haven't seen before.

Written by Joe Brown

The movie follows an elite Navy SEAL, John Kelly, who uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. The positives of Without Remorse lie much with the performance of Michael B Jordan that seamlessly fit into the character. He gives a real and solid performance as John Kelly and brings to life Tom Clancy's character. Also the film has a great style too it with many of the action scenes shot in a cool and unique way. If you're wanting a revenge thriller with good action sequences then this could quite possibly be an enjoyable hour and 50 minutes.

However, the negatives unfortunately far outweigh the positives of this movie as there is nothing new to this film. The tropes and similarities too so many action movies of the past was unbearable to watch. It really felt as if a snippet of every action movie ever was taken and implemented into this film. The a quality of a great movie in this day and age is doing something that hasn't been seen before, however, Without Remorse goes completely against this ideology and follows a very similar patterns.

Also the casting, other than Michael B Jordan, was disappointing as many actors felt mis-cast. Jodie Turner-Smith, who is an outstanding actress did not fit her role in any way and the same went for Jamie Bell. It's always great to see actors trying new roles but unfortunately it did not work in this movie.

You can't help but feel an opportunity was missed with this one as there are elements of real quality. But there does seem to be many movies during these strange times that feel rushed and little unfinished. This is what Without Remorse suffers from, but there is certainly a chance for Michale B Jordan to reprise the role because he is awesome.


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