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With a different kind of superhero on show Flora & Ulysses takes a dialled down approach, giving powers to a common rodent. Something a little different to what we're used to, but the nods to the comic world we know are plentiful throughout.

Written by Elliot Lines

A comic loving Flora discovers a squirrel she has rescued has developed super powers, the two go on adventures and fight against the local animal police, who are doing all they can to try and catch the "rabid" squirrel.

Instantly you'll realise that this was geared towards children and children only, there is very little here for an adult, at the end of the day it is about a squirrel with super powers. Where this would be entertaining for any child, there isn't much to this story line. When it needed something a little bit extra, it just couldn't find it.

You've got to take this as it comes, and have fun with it. Even though there wasn't much to this story, there certainly were some fun moments. One character in particular that shone through was William. Every single comment he made was a laugh out loud moment that brought life to the screen.

This won't be for everyone, but take it for what it is and you may just have a good time. Kids will love it, adults will roll their eyes, but see through the cracks and there is something likeable about Flora & Ulysses.


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