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Jordan Peele first came to our screens with his Horror Thriller, Get Out. Not a well known director at this time, it was hard to know what we would be getting and what sort of quality, after this film that all changed.

Written by Elliot Lines

Get Out was a fresh and brought something new to this genre type, relying on the audience to engage with the film. It does not rely on the traditional jump scare tactics we've seen so many times before, but instead plays on the mind, get you thinking what the hell is going on.

At times the story felt like it needed a little nudge to keep moving but there was something strange about this film, it had this weird ability to draw you back in at any given moment. You're questioning whats happening, working out the motives, and even on that second watch there are moments you didn't notice the first time.

Performances across the board are pretty good. Daniel Kaluuya is the main focus throughout providing a character going through an emotional roller coaster, at times that emotion wasn't quite there but for the most part it showed. This wasn't all emotion though, there were a couple of moments of humour, mostly provided by Lil Rey Howery, who owned those parts, breaking up the serious nature of the film where needed.

Evident to see throughout was the message Peele was aiming to get across, the subject of racism. This is his message to society, a message that is powerful throughout this viewing experience.

The directional debut of Jordan Peele shows the talent he possesses behind the camera, bringing something new and fresh to this genre. It has it's flaws but it has an ability to draw you back into focus at any given moment which only brings excitement for any of his future work.


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