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12 | 1h 42min | Comedy, Mystery | 7 October 2020 (UK)

Sandler promised to return with a vengeance. Is this that terrible movie he promised he would make?

Despite being mocked his whole life by everyone in his hometown, Hubie is devoted to the Halloween tradition making it the best and safest experience for everyone. But this Halloween will be different, when things start going awry at every turn Hubie must be the one to save Halloween for everyone.

Hubie Halloween is almost tough to take seriously. If you believe what Sandler said after his Oscar snub for Uncut Gems, you kind of have to take this for what it is. You've got to realise this is basically Sandler taking the piss out of himself, his f*** you to Hollywood if you want to be truthful. Don't take it seriously, and you may just have a good time with this.

Almost intentionally bad, is ironically what puts the enjoyment into this. You've really get the feeling of being back in the 'Happy Maddison' comedy age, where nothing was too silly or stupid to appear on screen. There are laugh out loud moments throughout that you just can't help but enjoy, however stupid they may be.

Sandler seems to do with his career whatever pleases him, he has fun in his job whether it is well received or not. In this he is back with a stupid accent we have seen before, but this character is loveable nonetheless. You can tell the pull he has, because this cast is stacked. It seems that every single scene pulls some famous face in, so get ready to be spoilt with plenty of actors/actresses you will recognise.

There is a story to this, its not great, but again it's not meant to be. It's easy to follow, almost predictable, but they do try to throw some spanner in there to keep you off the scent. At the end of the day, this is just a silly Halloween flick, you don't need substance.

Terrible stupid comedy, that feels like a spoof at times. Hubie Halloween doesn't want to be taken seriously. Laugh with it, laugh at it, this was fun to watch with Sandler going back to the dumb comedies we all know him for.

Look out for Hubie's Mum's shirts...they had me cracking up!!

By Elliot Lines - Lead Critic


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