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Straight from the mind of Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is just as weird and wacky as the man himself. Following the life of an adopted rebellious kid and the bond he builds with those around him.

Written by Elliot Lines

Within the first 20 minutes this film sets up the character of Ricky in a perfect way, showing he doesn't want to settle in one place with one family, but when a bond begins to grow with his new foster Aunt you start to see a turn in his actions.

Unfortunately this bond breaks in the worst circumstances, now you have a situation that Ricky is unwanted once again, like he has been his whole life. But this is set to change, even-though Ricky and his foster Uncle openly say how much they hate each other, you can see the bond building, they like each other, just too stubborn to admit it.

The journey these two characters embark on within this beautiful setting deep in the New Zealand bush, provides us with plenty of comedic moments. These aren't just small laughs, they really are laugh out loud moments. This simple but effective comedy is a showing of Waititi at his best, small moments that have so much relevance and adds depth to the story.

In nearly every moment Ricky has something funny to say, almost unintentional comedy making you love this character throughout. Played by Julian Dennison, he really makes the most of his screen time, bouncing off Sam Niells (Foster Uncle) grumpy character in the best way possible.

This was a story that flowed well throughout, maybe a little over the top but it provides us with entertainment with the right amount of emotion to attach you to the characters, building that up right into the last scene.

Waititi has provided a heartfelt, hilarious viewing experience within this fun adventure through the New Zealand bush. With characters that are easy to love and entertaining to watch throughout.


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