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I Love You Guys

The music industry is notorious for ignoring the mental health struggles of its main players. In a world now dominated by social media and ‘online personas’ it has never been more prevalent to present yourself to the world with a sheen and perfection that is unsustainable. Billie Melissa Rogan’s I Love You, Guys wrestles with this idea through its protagonist Sky, whilst also exploring the impossible decisions she must make in the search for success. 


I Love You, Guys is a short film that follows Sky (Becky Bush) - a singer/songwriter - who is on the verge of a big career breakthrough. As she prepares to perform at a gig she has to wrestle with the weight of her position, and tries to come to terms with where she stands with Taylor (Celi Crossland), all whilst keeping up a positive demeanour with her fans in-person and online.


I Love You, Guys is cleverly multi-faceted. Cory Varney’s exploration of mental health - which is deftly handled - isn’t designated to one track. In one scene Sky begins a livestream to her adoring fans. She becomes momentarily distressed when she receives a call from Taylor but immediately brushes it off. This moment reinforces the idea that we are obsessed with our social media profiles being a perfected extension of us. Sky trying to disguise her struggles whilst she is on the livestream will be immediately relatable to a generation swept up by the glitzy facade that social media offers. As well as this I Love You, Guys offers introspection for the audience. Stan culture is very prominent right now within the music industry, through this fans often deify certain artists. Sky represents the human side to these monoliths in the industry; showing that to accept a perfect personification of someone online is unrealistic. 

I Love You Guys

Sky’s relationship with Taylor is another integral aspect of I Love You, Guys. It is where the most emotional moments of this lie. You can feel the love they share for one another which makes it even more heart-breaking when it becomes clear Sky feels she is presented with an impossible choice that only has one answer. Becky Bush and Celi Crossland have some - frankly insane - chemistry as well which adds an authenticity to Sky and Taylor’s relationship. Also in a time where queer representation on screen matters so much the fact that a queer relationship is at the heart of this is beautiful (even despite the tears you’re sure to shed). 

I Love You, Guys is an authoritative debut from rising star Billie Melissa Rogan. Her vision for Sky’s world alongside DoP Jenni Suitala’s composition is stunning. There is a clear through line where the audience are viewing everything through Sky’s eyes. From the intimate moments in Sky’s hotel room all the way to the ambitious concert set pieces. If she can achieve such clarity on her first short then it’s exciting to see where she will go from here.

Overall this is a special gem of a short film. If you usually find yourself avoiding short films then the film will certainly act as a bridge. I Love You, Guys is the perfect example of what can be achieved cinematically, and narratively, in such a miniscule time frame. When you bring into account the fact that some filmmakers these days struggle to convey their ideas in three hours, it becomes even more impressive.


Rating When Evil Lurks



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