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Knives Out takes on the "whodunit" genre with a totally different approach, constantly feeding you information throughout, even revealing the plot fairly early on only to take you down a different path of mystery.

Written by Elliot Lines

Immediately you look at this cast, big names, big personalities. Daniel Craig and his southern accent hits you straight away, takes a bit of time to get used to, but you can really see the enjoyment he is having in playing the role of 'Benoit Blanc'. Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and Christopher Plummer also give their all and provide us with a depth of different characters to stick our teeth into. But the stand out here is Ana De Armas who plays the role as Harlan's (Christopher Plummer) nurse, Marta. She brings an energy to this role, working well with the different personalities and also bringing a comedic side to the character. Some of the characters seem like they are underutilised within their roles, but understandable considering the size of this cast.

Set in a large mansion, giving a gloomy look to this murder mystery adding so much to the mysterious nature of the film, this set design was excellent. The whole interior of this was perfect, secret rooms, doors, plenty of avenues for the perfect murder.

As mentioned, the constant feeding of information throughout the film just added to the mysterious side of each one of these characters. At any given point you could've pointed the finger at any one of them. Although taking a little while to get into the depths of this investigation, it never lost its way. Through all of this were some perfectly times comedic moments that really added that something extra to this exciting puzzle.

To say too much about the overall plot would spoil the fun, but Knives Out takes the whodunit genre and wants to take it that step further. All credit goes to Rian Johnson for this, a definite success, but the show stealer really is De Armas who is definitely one to look out for.


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