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Making an adaption of a well known entity is a difficult task in it's own right, Greta Gerwig takes on the task of Little Women and proves how great her vision is for this story was. Little Women is not something I personally am very familiar with, not read the book or seen any of the other films, so this review comes from someone going in completely blind to this tale.

Written by Elliot Lines

Storytelling is composed of many different aspects, here Gerwig decides to jump back and forth between dates, telling different parts of the story at the same time. This can sometimes become messy, but due to the thought put into this you get a fantastic flow through these moments, linking from one to the other without the confusion of where you are in the story.

If you go in blind to this tale like I have, you won't notice the small hints to what the outcome of this story will be, ultimately receiving a great pay off, even though this story does have its down moments.

Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh; undoubtedly some of the best up coming actors all in one film, and it pays off. Each one of them shines on screen, making the most of their moments in the limelight, bringing real energy and emotion to their respective characters. To be honest the who cast is superb in doing this, with a few more big names in the mix it really proves that if you get the best talent, you get great reward.

Winning the Oscar for best costume design was more than deserved, really throwing you into the time these characters were living in. But in addition to this was the meticulous set design, every scene is stunning and so well put together to out you into this day and age.

Something I didn't feel would appeal to me personally turned out to be a film that would've easily made my top 10 of 2019. The complex story-line is bought to the screen in elegant fashion, characters that jump off the screen, memorable moments throughout, Gerwig really manages to capture the emotion perfectly in this retell of a historic novel.


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