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Coming out of festivals you always here about the new must watch film, whether those titles ever live up to the hype we as critics give this movies is in the eye of the audience. Parasite is certainly one with a lot of hype built around it due to its critical success at said festivals, and boy does it live up to it.

Written by Elliot Lines

We follow a Korean family who get caught up in working for another family, only to discover an unexpected truth. The film takes a little while to get going, building up the characters of this family. We get a massive insight into who they are as people, what they represent, their ultimate goals. What will it take for them to get out of this slump they find themselves in, how far would they go to make their lives better.

Every single scene is meticulously thought out, stunning is the only way to describe the camera work going on here. Vibrant and clear throughout, makes this film enticing for any viewer. If that wasn't enough to hook you, Parasite provides a story line which grips you tight from start to finish. Not only do we see this families actions, but we are also presented with a dilemma that threatens to turn this family on its head, adding depth and punch to this already fantastic story.

Not only are we blessed with superb cinematography, story and twists but the acting is phenomenal. Throughout this film each performance manages to capture the exact amount of emotion required for each scene. Although the script at times felt clumpy, it had everything it needed to deepen the characters within this story.

Take a story, make it beautiful to look at, gripping to watch and throw a spanner in the middle. Quite honestly, this is a masterpiece, a term that should not be used lightly, but is a perfect fit for this fantastic film.




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