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All you want from a comedy horror is an entertaining fun easy going time in front of the screen, Ready or Not certainly provides us with that. When a brides wedding night takes a turn for the worst, it's time for her to prepare for the chase of her life from her new eccentric in-laws.

Written by Elliot Lines

A thrilling ride throughout the film this manages to keep you engaged and invested in the chase in hand, routing at all times for Grace (Samara Weaving) to evade the devils that are hunting her. Such an interesting idea, where a new member of the family is required to choose a card and play a game in a years old family tradition, only for Grace to pick the worst one. The story at times does feel a little silly and far-fetched but at all times carries on the entertainment.

With a whole host of characters, they do all feel so invested in this tradition they must carry out, otherwise doom for the whole family (ridiculous I know). The cast does well with these characters really bring out their different personalities and feelings towards the game in hand. Samara Weaving gets the most screen time and makes the most of this time on screen, going from this innocent girl to someone willing to do almost anything to survive.

Being a dark comedy you want these moments to fit in well. Breaking up the gore and violence throughout this movie with those moments is a part of this that works perfectly, you don't take this too seriously and just run with it, laughing and wincing in all the correct places.

So, the ending, by far the best part of the movie. This was such an unexpected turn for this to take and uses its comedic ability to really make the end of this move explode. A near perfect ending in my personal opinion, keeping the tones of the movie right til the last moment.

Now this is nothing groundbreaking or unique, but Ready or Not manages to balance between the horror and comedy perfectly, knowing when to break up the movie. It has an interesting story, with a whole host of characters with decent enough acting, this is definitely one to put on for an easy going horror comedy viewing.

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