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Episode 2 feels as though it is ticking all the boxes it set out in episode 1, meaning this can now go in any direction it sees fit.

Din Djarin is in search for a new memory chip for IG-11, taking him to Tatooine during the Boonta Eve festival to visit Peli Motto. When she tells him she doesn't have one and it'll be hard to find he agree to take R5-D4 instead. Din, Grogo and R5 fly to Mandalore, using R5 to ensure the atmosphere is safe. After R5 disappears off the radar, Din goes to find him and is attacked by a group of Alamites (a troll like species). Din and Grogu head further into the mines, where Din gets captured by a cyborg creature living in the mines. Din sends Grogu to get Bo-Katan's help, she comes to rescue him and leads them out of the mines. She then leads them to the Living Waters, where Din starts to recite the creed to restore himself, when he suddenly drops. Bo- Katan dives in to save him, but on return they come face to face with the famous Mythosaur (see description at bottom).

Episode 2 continues on from where we left off, but this season seems to be moving further along quicker than expected. After what seemed like setting up the season, this episode quickly moves to Mandalore, which could've easily taken a few episodes. It feels as though the show is ticking all the boxes it set out in episode 1, meaning it can go in any direction it sees fit.

One thing to come out of this episode is the development Grogu has made since that first meeting 2 seasons ago. Before it felt as though he was being dragged along, now he feels part of Din Djarin's day to day life. He feels comfortable sending Grogu to help him when he is in need and he certainly needed someone he could trust here.

Going forward I hope we see plenty of Bo-Katan, and I think this is a huge possibility. Throughout this episode whenever she appears she kicks ass, and there it feels as though the show is elevated when her. Din and Grogu are together. Even though her motives are to get the darksaber, at the end of this episode it seems as though these may be about to change. Her faith in the "Mandalorian way" is clearly questioned at the end of the episode with the appearance of the Mythosaur.

The show is moving a a faster pace then originally anticipated and that can make it feel a little choppy, jumping from location to location. But the quickness in which they have got Din Djarin's mission out of the way sets up all kinds of possibilities. The episode itself introduces us to new creatures we haven't seen, gives Grogu plenty to do and sees some great fight scenes from Din and Bo-Katan, add that Mandalorian lore at the end and you've got yourself a quality episode of television.

What is a Mythosaur?

Mythosaurs were gigantic creatures that were ridden by the ancient Mandalorian. We have seen these only in skull form so far, used on their armour. Mythosaurs were thought to have gone extinct.


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