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Schindlers List shows one of the worst event in history in full view, leaving nothing off the table. The way in which Spielberg precisely tells this story, it will hit you deeper than ever before, there will not be a dry eye in the house.

Written by Elliot Lines

The holocaust is not an easy subject to handle, but Spielberg's expert eye shone through. He provides us with a challenging and upsetting watch, not one for the faint hearted, this was not made to entertain but to tell this horrendous story in a way only Spielberg could accomplish.

One of the most iconic scenes in film, the girl in the red coat stands out in this black and white film. A statement by Spielberg, representing blood, to emphasise the fact this regime would show mercy to no one, not even children. The film becomes more and more distressing through its three hour run time, you cannot escape.

Liam Neeson is at the top of his game here as Oskar Schindler. The arc of Schindler across the films fun time is huge, from the corrupt businessman to someone who puts himself on the line to rescue eight hundred and fifty (850) Jewish men, women and children, and still at this point he feels like he could've saved more. Neeson's performance that was almost perfect from start to finish.

That could also be said for Ralph Fiennes, who played Amon Goeth, a Nazi officer put in charge of the concentration camps. He is constantly struggling for power over these people, not caring for the heinous crimes he's committing against humanity. Can only imagine the difficulty of a role like this knowing the history, but Fiennes gives it his all.

Schindler's List is more than a film, it is something that everyone should watch, but you sure won't be rushing to watch it again. Upsetting, distressing, the list could go on, but the attention to detail is for all to see, and may be Steven Spielberg's finest work behind the camera.




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