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Have you ever imagined life was a video game? Look no further, Scott Pilgrim vs the World shows exactly that image. This comic book style comedy is like nothing you would've seen, out on a world on it's own, unique in pretty much every way.

Written by Elliot Lines

Visually this is interesting, but never fails to entertain. It uses a mixture of clever video game and comic techniques for the viewer to digest. At first it was a little confusing but once you come around to the idea of the look, it is an effective way to get this story onto the screen.

The lives of these characters is within the game. They all have their own roles to play and story to tell, each actor getting a well built foundation to work with. Each of these actors fit their roles perfectly and manage to have a chemistry on screen which only elevates this story to new levels.

There are moments of this film where it's almost making fun of itself, a sign showing that it doesn't take itself too seriously, and you shouldn't too. This only helps the film in it's comedic value which is evident throughout, providing us with plenty of laugh out loud moments.

In a video game style, and the use of comic book visuals Scott Pilgrim has originality running through its veins. Making the most of perfectly times comedic moments and making these characters complete, this is one of a kind.

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