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1h 33min | Drama | 20 November 2020 (UK)

The chemistry on show between Tucci and Firth is the beating heart, taking you on an emotional journey.

Tusker and Sam, a couple who have been together for decades, take a trip up North in their camper van to spend some alone time together after Tusker is diagnosed with early-onset dementia. It is a journey that they both realise may be their last and intend to spend every special moment to hold onto what they may lose, a journey where they both have to come to terms with the horrible situation they are in.

Supernova moves along at it's own gentle pace. This is time spent with these two characters, getting to know their relationship, their lives and seeing the undying love they have for each other. You are taken through the countryside with them, your heart strings are plucked, the emotional stakes are high, and you can feel that.

Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth have an undeniable connection throughout. The chemistry between these two is the beating heart, which takes you on this emotional journey. It is evident the affect this disease is having on not only Tusker but Sam as well, seeing his loved one deteriorate is not something he is willing to accept happen. The love between them is clear, showcased by these two legend of the acting world.

It is clear to see each of these characters have different ideas on how to combat Tuskers dementia, a disease that is not only truly harrowing for the person with it, but has such a big affect on the people around them. They will always have to make choices which will affect all around them. And whether or not you think the ending is the correct direction, unfortunately there isn't many easy routes to take. But he raw emotion shown by Firth's character Sam in these final scenes, bring out all the emotions you have taken on throughout.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Critic


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