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PG-13 | 2h 30min | Action, Sci-Fi | 26 August 2020 (UK)

When it comes to Christopher Nolan films, you can expect a big spectacle, a blockbuster you might say. So what better way to mark the re-opening of theatres than with the release of his latest work "Tenet".

There is always certain amount of confusion expected from Nolan's films, but be prepared to have your brain fried. Taking you through a maze of convoluted ideas, almost impossible to follow. The minute you feel like you are starting to work out the inner functions of this idea, everything gets pulled from underneath you. Robert Pattinsons character even comes out with "Don't try to understand it. Feel it.", clearly a hint to the audience just to sit back and not try to overthink, but that is near on impossible.

With something as complicated as this, there is a lot of pressure on the dialogue to bring it all together. Unfortunately, for what was about a quarter of the film, this dialogue was inaudible. Whether it was coming from behind a mask or constantly being overshadowed by a powerful score, the dialogue was muffled and almost impossible to understand multiple times throughout.

At no point is the cast to blame for this, as the majority were class in their roles. John David Washington has a great connection with all his co-stars throughout, whether it is the professional relationship with Robert Pattinson or the emotional bond with Elizabeth Debicki, there was a natural feel to the way in which all the characters came together. The talent shone off the screen.

One thing you can be sure of with Nolan is the visual masterpieces he creates, this was no different. The set pieces throughout were exceptional. There are parts where you didn't really know where to look. Right there in plain sight were spectacular action scenes, high octane moments that only should be seen on the big screen, which the booming score accompanied perfectly.

"Tenet" is Nolan's vision of James Bond, a multiple location, fast moving action spectacle. Just like his previous films, they take a bit of thought, but this is definitely one that will grow on you with every watch. "Tenet" is not an easy film to understand but the enjoyment you will experience throughout is exhilarating. Give it a chance, "Don't try to understand it. Feel it".

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor

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