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Labelled as a phycological thriller, The Exception doesn't quite take advantage of the direction it seems to be taking, but instead gets lost within a convoluted web of attempted twists.

Written by Elliot Lines

Set within a workplace of which is mostly women, the characters we're introduced to aren't all that likeable. The performances aren't the problem here, but the fact that the extent of the bullying that goes on is almost unjustified just to aid the story, forcing these women to plot against and accuse each other of some horrific things.

Two of these women have received death threats, but when they are writing about war lords, some of the most dangerous people on the planet, it could've come from anywhere. But the accusations begin, and the intrigue ramps up when an imagined scene of one colleague bashing the head of another with a lamp occurs.

You feel like you know where this is heading, which is in a good psychological direction, but turns into a complicated mess, where the ending just doesn't have the payoff it promises.


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