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The Folio Society, independent publisher of luxury editions, has teamed up with DC Comics to publish DC Comics: The Golden Age (1938-1956), a collection of eighteen stories from the formative age of American comic books, including the debut adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and more.
The Folio Society the hundred and one dalmatians

The edition is the first in a series of DC “Ages” collections, selected and introduced by former DC Editor-in-Chief Jenette Kahn. The first woman at the helm of the legendary publishers, during her 27-year tenure she transformed comics into a sophisticated art form. Kahn says:

“Comic books were once disdained as a disposable children's medium, but with their clamshell packaging and gorgeous facsimile reproductions, The Folio Society affirms comics' essential place in cultural history as a totally original and resonant art form.”

The Folio Society edition offers the chance to own Action Comics #1, the comic book that gave the world its first Super Hero, as a meticulous 68-page facsimile complete with original accompanying strips and vintage ads. First published in April 1938 and originally selling on newsstands for ten cents apiece, the comic featuring Superman’s rollicking debut is now considered the most valuable in the world. Although sporting his signature red cape, Superman has yet to gain his famous powers of flight, and battles corrupt politicians and landlords in lieu of crazed Super Villains.

DC Comics: The Golden Age (1938-1956) also contains classic adventures featuring the original Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and DC’s Captain Marvel (later known as ‘Shazam’), as well as Wonder Woman’s first mission to America in 1942’s Sensation Comics #1. In her new introduction, Jenette Kahn reflects on these foundational stories, which “provided the roadmaps for decades of invention to come”.

The edition has been made according to The Folio Society’s exceptional production standards. Scanned directly from original copies held in the DC archives, the comics have been reproduced in treasury format. The book is surrounded by endpapers featuring DC’s Golden Age pantheon, bound in shimmering gold cloth, and housed in a specially designed presentation box. It also includes an original art print by the award-winning DC artist Yanick Paquette, which updates the classic montage featured in 1939’s Superman #3.

DC Comics: The Silver Age will be published in Autumn 2024 and DC Comics: The Bronze Age in Autumn 2025. There will also be a DC character series starting with DC: Batman in Spring 2024.


The Folio Society edition of DC Comics: The Golden Age (1938-1956), selected and introduced by Jenette Kahn, will be exclusively available for £185 / US $260 from

Thank You to The Folio Society and Flint Culture for providing a copy of this book.
All information provided by Flint Culture.


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