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Spending the whole 152 minutes in the mind of this deranged serial killer, he sees his killing as an art, moving from murder to murder diving deeper into his sadistic fantasies. Discomforting throughout is what this film makes you feel, the nature of his crimes, just how his mind works.

Written by Elliot Lines

Having a great structure really helps with the character build up of Jack, each crime he commits becomes more viscous and brutal as he plunges further and further into his own world. The crimes that he commits are gruesome and disturbing, this film is not afraid to hold back on the details.

Getting a first hand look into Jacks mind is really emphasised by the writing on show here, it is clever and at times has it's comedic moments, which add another side to this character. Once again a great showing of the character creation this film builds, very important when you only are really following this one person.

Towards the end it did feel like the run time could've been cut, the ending was drawn out and a little strange. But all that said it showed the demons he finally had to deal with after committing all these murders. As for the rest of the film, it was paced perfectly, with a story line that was easy to follow which kept you gripped throughout.

A real deep look into this sadistic mind. The House that Jack Built isn't afraid to hold back on gruesome and disturbing scenes. A film that has great character build up with a script that provides a clever but at times dark comedic moments.


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