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Christopher Nolans films over the year have become iconic for having a complicated and thought provoking storyline, "The Prestige" is no different.⁣

Written by Elliot Lines

The two main characters it focuses on go through a emotional journey, these two magicians are always competing with each other fuelled by revenge and jealousy. When loved ones are involved this will always becomes a messy situation, people get hurt.⁣

At each turn you are questioning what is actually going on, there are hints throughout as to what is actually happening, that Nolan touch that makes you think deeper than just what's on the screen. The whole film is one big deception of the eye, just like the tricks in question, the plot thickens throughout adding layer upon layer to what was already a solid foundation.⁣

Each character is likeable in the film, making this journey all the more thrilling. There is a real sense of character building from the beginning, each one having large roles to play. This is obviously helped along with an array of great performances, what do you expect when you have a line up that include Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and more.⁣

This film is just a cavern of directorial brilliance, it's beautiful to watch, the story is complicated but never leads astray, the dialogue perfect. Meant to be one of Nolans lower tier films, but "The Prestige" is severely underrated in my personal opinion and may be one of his best.⁣


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