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Director as well as the star, this is Afflecks film, a film in which could just be the normal stereotypical bank heist but ends up being so much more due to his vision.

Written by Elliot Lines

This is not a normal bank robbery, the film has many layers to it not just with the story line, but emotional too. Afflecks character is always challenging his decisions, he doesn't want this life, but one last job is always too tempting.

The Town is character driven, each one of them is exciting and has a certain charm to them. These are perfectly cast throughout, bringing out the best in this fairly basic story. The stand out certainly has to be Jeremy Renner, he steals the scene every second he is on it, it is no surprise he got an Oscar nod for this performance.

Throughout this you have an underlying story of romance, the situation isn't meant to occur, but the film goes with it. Well balanced with the action sequences, the romantic side seems natural, however cruel the initial meaning to meeting this woman.

With a film like this the action scenes can sometimes take over, they don't overpower within this, but are definitely exciting to watch. They're not over the top, most of the time believable in fact, credit due to the way these were shot.

Affleck has provided us with a balance of romance and action that flows well between the two. It's a character driven film, that takes this story and elevates it above a normal heist film.


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