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Being a massive hit, it wasn't any big surprise that Trolls got the sequel it deserved. With plenty of magic and charm to explore the trolls universe is easily built upon, as long as you do it right.

Written by Elliot Lines

Just like the first, 'Trolls World Tour' was beautiful to watch, with an array of colour and fantastic animation. Each world you're introduced to had a specific tone that it required to represent these different cultures of music, which is something the look managed perfectly along with the music sequences, even though there are lack of them, they tied into each world showing what each tribe of troll is all about.

Shame to say the plot didn't have quite as much affect. Throughout it felt very rushed, with a lot crammed in to a short space of time. There is no real time spent in these different worlds, exploring each places music and lifestyles. The addition of Barb was a good choice, this character almost served as the self discovery part of the story, whereas other characters introduced didn't quite have any effect.

Although the performances were good enough across the film, there felt like there was that little spark missing. The first film had it, 'World Tour' lost that in amongst the face paced story-line and it's underwhelming humour.

Ultimately this was the kind of movie needed right now, the fun family adventure, but you can't get away from the cramped style and the loss of energy the first film provided.


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