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The Hawkeye finale has quickly descended upon us, with the series being only 6 episodes, it feels like just yesterday we first met Kate Bishop, but they've managed to cram plenty in. The finale rounds off the series well with emotion and some solid action scenes, while addressing the array of relationships within the show.

Written by Elliot Lines

After the reveal of Kingpin at the end of episode 5, there seemed like there was too much for this episode to complete. But at a run time for just over an hour they manage to wrap up the show in a satisfying manner, making sure each character had their comeuppance.

There were plenty of relationship scenarios that needed to be addressed here, and with the new addition to the show it created even more. There were connections all over the place between Kingpin, Eleanor, Kate, Clint, Yelena, Jacques, Maya and even Clints wife Laura. But the finale managed it, with a host of one to one interactions and even fight scenes that really showed some of these characters true powers, or how far they have come.

The questions that have been asked throughout the show were answered, mainly "What is that damn watch" (a tease for the potential future, or just a glimpse into the past of one of our characters), but there was still some things left untold, which Marvel can't help but doing.

Hawkeye may not have been as well made as other Marvel properties, but the enjoyment was certainly there to be had throughout. This final episode showcased what the series was in a one hour slot. Does it matter if some of the fight scenes were clunky, or if the humour didn't always land, the show was fun throughout and ultimately ended up bringing us an interesting web of relationships which the finale certainly put to the forefront.

Last sure to see the end credit scene, lets just say its an interesting one!


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