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Over the past few years there has been a rising studio by the name A24, a company i'm sure you have heard of by now. This is a company that just keeps giving, a company that gives these independent films a chance, 'Uncut Gems' is one of these.

Written by Elliot Lines

Lead by a huge name, Adam Sandler who plays Howard, has proved within this that he can play more than just comedy, in fact this dramatic performance is one of his best in years and shows the depth he has. You're thrown into this characters mind, this is not somewhere you want to spend time, you question his choices and see his desperation, a performance perfectly executed by Sandler.

Intense, that is one way to describe this, it is non stop throughout, throwing you into the midst of the chaotic life of this main character, not knowing what f*** up this character is going to make next. This also does not go the direction you expect it to after all he has gone through, it felt like an un-expecting ending.

One last thing that is well worth a mention was the sound editing. The way in which simple street noises emphasised the chaos within Howard's life, really surrounding the character at all times. And the score just sends it that little bit further into the chaos adding so much depth to this incessant intense film.

Another win for A24. Sandler provides one of his best performances in years in this dive into the chaotic world of this really unbearable character, but you just can't seem to take your eyes off the screen.


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