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Vivarium certainly is an acquired taste, the concept is interesting, the execution doesn't live up to it's potential. This was a weird watch, definitely is a thought provoking film, but not in the good way.

Written by Elliot Lines

Being cooped up inside at this current time, you certainly can relate to what these characters are going through, its just a shame that the plot for this leads into almost nothing, dragging it's heels through this never ending neighbourhood.

However pointless the plot is, the film manages to create this ambience that will creep you out. It doesn't use normal scare tactics for this but takes the emotion from the main pair and creepy child to really give you chills.

So much promise, so little point. Vivarium fell flat throughout, leading to nothing and amounting to nothing, Give it a watch if you're curious, but you won't miss out on anything if you don't.


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