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Since Iron Man released in 2008, it is almost like we don't go a few months without a new Marvel Cinematic Universe release, Covid-19 decided to change that with 2020 being the first year since then not to have any MCU releases whatsoever. Step in Disney plus, this platform will now provide the new era of Marvel content, television style.

WandaVision was first up, and what a massive swing this was. They're not settling on the simple over at Marvel, but instead taking big risks to give us content expanding the characters in this universe.

Written by Elliot Lines

Wandavision takes a different approach to what we know. Using the basis of sit-coms, this world builds and builds throughout the series to become so much more expanding what we know of the MCU and taking it to new heights.

With the first two episodes being initially released, there were some quite divisive receptions to what was given. Was this just going to be a sit-com celebration, or were we going to see the natural MCU format come through. With its weekly release this caused a mass of speculation amongst the fans. Where this was fun at times, Marvel may of shot themselves in the foot for some people, giving small hints as to what could potentially be coming but not quite meeting some fans expectations. But this is not the shows fault, Fan speculation is a dangerous thing.

Instead the show knew what it was, knew what it was trying to tell. This was a series about Wanda Maximoff's grief, and the last episode all but confirms that. Looking back on the series as a whole, this is evident, it's almost like the Marvel speculation got in the way. This character has always lost everyone close to her, she is hurting causing her to impose herself on this town.

The series happens to go down the typical Marvel route, with a big fighting set piece at the end, which does feel like a little bit of a cop out, but would it be Marvel without it. The key thing here is that the show makes you feel things for two characters that may have been way down on your favourites list, while also introducing new and old characters, setting foundations for the future.

The speculation was fun, the conversations were broad and the weekly release caused this. Maybe slightly let down by the fan speculation, but you cannot escape the fact Marvel and Disney took a huge risk with this one, and it is a risk that ultimately paid off.


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