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The 00's was full of great comedic films, over the past few years comedy hasn't quite given the same affect. Maybe this is due to change in society, you can't get away with as much as you used to, but Wedding Crashers is one of those romantic comedies that mostly holds up today.

Written by Elliot Lines

Filled with comedic laugh out loud moments, this film has all those tropes to put a smile on your face, simple but effective comedy. The connection between the two mains really helps this along, its a real friendship, but they're on this strange journey together in a hobby that isn't quite normal.

Getting to the crashings now, some of the situations they get themselves in aren't quite believable, why does no one question who they are! But when this does happen it adds an extra turn this movie was always going to take.

It's predictable, it's a romantic comedy of an era where the story-lines don't really vary. With fun characters and an Will Farrell cameo, this is a memorable film, the likes of which largely holds up today.


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