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Over our social media pageswe asked for the What...If? stories you could come up with. With plenty of good responses we thought we would look further into 3 of your ideas, and see how the story would pan out if those events had happened.

Written by Elliot Lines & Tresca Mallon

What If?...Black Widow was a Hydra agent


Black Widow shoots Nick Fury, after revealing she a Hydra agent and is on Alexander Peirce's side. Hydra succeeds in their mission to use "Project Insight" to eliminate their enemies, killing many of our beloved heroes. Ultimately making it easier for Thanos to achieve his goal of getting the infinity stones, with less heroes to stop him.


Nick Fury manages to overcome Black Widow and Alexander Pierce, reluctenly killing Black Widow but was given no other choice than to make that decision. Ultron is still defeated, but Black Widow not being involved makes it a lot harder for the Avengers to overcome him. After the snap, Tony and Pepper (who has become Rescue much earlier), must go to Vormir to retrieve the soul stone...but one does not return.

What If?...Thanos had snapped the other half of the universe

With the other half of the universe now vanished, other characters must step up to go on and defeat Thanos. Much of the same happens up until Ant-man returns from the Quantum realm. Banner and Tony are no longer with us so Shuri comes up with the tech to send our heroes back to where they need to be to collect the time stones. T'Challa is the one to go to Vormir, but instead of staying behind with the technology, Shuri decides to go with him. Once on Vormir T'Challa sacrifices himself to save Shuri and the universe. After defeating Thanos, thanks to Shuri's tech, she becomes the queen of Wakanda.

What If?...Odin collected all the infinity stones

After realising his power was diminisihing, Odin makes the decision that he will collect the Infinity stones for himself. Talking his plan through with Loki, they decideto join forces to make this a reality. With the power, mind and reality stones already in his possesion, Odin takes an army to intercept the power stone of Xandar, killing off Ronans fleet and fighting the Guardians for the stone. While he achieves this, Loki convices him to release Hela to help collect the time stone from Earth. Now with 5 out of 6 stones, Odin and Loki head to Vormir where Odin sacrifices Loki for the Soul stone. With his new power Odin rules over the 9 realms with little or no fight back...until the Avengers, led by Thor come to fight his reign.

Other ideas...

...Iron Man had killed Bucky Barnes

...Mysterio was from the Multiverse

...Ronan won and killed Thanos with the power stone

...Odin hadn't taken Loki

...Penny Quill instead of Peter

...Loki left the teseract of Asgard


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