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Here we are, back with our kick ass zombie killing family, Columbus as cautious as ever, Tallahassee the twinky loving cowboy, Wichita as bad ass as ever and little rock now a shadow of that young girl we knew. Ten years on from the first film, they now must jump much larger hurdles to keep this family safe and together.

Written by Elliot Lines

With regards to these original cast members, they are the soul of this film, latching on to all the traits that these characters had 10 years ago. They shine throughout once again giving us everything they bought us in the first film. That said, there were plenty of new characters to stick out teeth into, some worked, some didn't, you do question how some of these 'idiotic' characters survived this long. One character that did stand out, Nevada, who didn't get much screen time but just enough to give us some savage zombie killing scenes.

The story line doesn't give us too much to go with, but it is sufficient for what this film it is trying to say. It aids the film in giving us those comedic moments from the 2009 film, but also gives us plenty of gory zombie scenes that don't hold back, which makes these action sequences fantastic.

Double Tap took plenty from it predecessor, especially in regards to the jokes. A lot was recycled, but as times have changed, certain things were left alone. They know these jokes work, why tamper with them, yes it's nothing new, neither is the film, but go with what you know and add it to this roller coaster of a ride.

For any "Zombieland" fan out there this is once again, one hell of a ride. From start to finish. The return of these characters was well overdue, and once again they kicked ass on screen, additional characters weren't as effective but provided some entertainment along the way.

Also be sure to check out the mid-credit scene, that is definitely worth the watch.


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