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STUDIOCANAL and Park Circus are delighted to bring you a magical new 4k restoration of the perennial Christmas Classic, Santa Claus: The Movie, from director Jeannot Szwarc (Supergirl, Jaws 2), which is making it's return to cinemas TODAY. The family favourite is also now available to own on 4K UHD for the first time, on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital.

Santa Claus The Movie

Santa Claus: The Movie tells the story of how a common woodcutter (David Huddleston) becomes the legendary Father Christmas. With a fantastical toy workshop run by elves and a herd of flying reindeer, Santa Claus has vowed to ensure that all good children are rewarded at Christmas. But the holiday season soon comes under threat when a rebellious but naïve elf called Patch (Dudley Moore) runs away to modern day New York. Lost in a world he doesn’t understand, Patch finds himself being exploited by a villainous toy manufacturer (John Lithgow). Could this be the end of Christmas or will the festive spirit prevail?

Santa Claus The Movie
Bonus content is detailed below:
4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD contain the following special features:
  • New Interview with Mrs.Claus: Judy Cornwell

  • The Making of Santa Claus

  • Shooting the Press Conference Scene

  • Deleted Scenes

SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE is available now on
4K UHD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD.


Thank you to STUDIOCANAL and Park Circus for providing a copy of this Blu-Ray.
All information provided by Zoe Flower PR.


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