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Each month we expect a true crime drama to hit our Netflix reel. There is almost a need, an intrigue of these type of documentary that will always catch our attention, the bigger the mystery, the bigger noise it will make. The "Cecil Hotel" is the intrigue here, and the strange occurrences that go on inside.

Written by Elliot Lines

Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel depicts the strange disappearance of a young Asian woman, Elisa Lam. This shows the case to find her from the day she goes missing, and along the way there are accusations, coincidences and ghostly footage.

Throughout the documentary we meet a whole host of people, whether they are directly involved in the case or looking from the outside. There are people here that are literally on the front line, giving their views on the events that transpire. There is a similar feel to the series Dont f*** With Cats, the similarities here are not with the case itself, but with the social media attention the stories picked up. We get a full insight into people that literally become obsessed with solving the case themselves, going to extreme lengths to get the knowledge of what happened to this woman.

The most harrowing part, and the strangest piece of evidence was the lift video. There is clearly something wrong here, something strange going on. With this piece of evidence going viral there were all sorts of theories out there, some of which propped up some pretty strange coincidences, which only add to the mystery surrounding this.

True crime documentary fatigue doesn't seem to be something that will become a thing, with the interest in these limited series forever growing. This will make you ask questions, whether that be about the case itself or the location it occurred.


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