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With a more conventional Marvel approach, starting with a big action set piece, Episode 1 becomes a character study of these two well known superheroes and the aftermath of how the blip has affected their lives and the people around them.

Written by Elliot Lines

Even from this first episode you can tell this series will be more "on the nose" to what we're used to. Wandavision was a spider-web of confusion and speculation throughout, but Falcon And Winter Soldier seems like it will take on the role of buddy cop type story-line, although this isn't evident from the first episode.

How do these characters react after the massive event the Thanos caused? How could you ever recover after 5 years away? These are questions that this episode seem to dive into. These guys are superheroes, and treated as such as and when they're needed to, but in reality the affects are just the same as the rest of the billions of people that suddenly re-appeared.

You get an understanding in the episode of the people they've got around them, how they're coping. Falcon is struggling to come to terms with taking on the Captain America mantle, giving over the shield to the Smithsonian, all but showing he doesn't feel as though he is ready to take Steve Rogers place. And then you have Bucky Barnes, who is trying to make amends for his wrong doings, but cutting the lonely figure of a 100+ year old man, the way he has been most of his life.

That said and done, there are some great action sequences. Especially the first 10 minutes, where you get to see the Falcon in full flight, fighting through the air in attempt to rescue a hostage before going into enemy airspace. We also get a small insight into different crime organisations that seem as though they will be part of this series, not much more is known as of yet, but i'm sure we will get answers.

Just like Wandavision, this almost wasn't what was expected. But to dive into these characters feelings and a deeper look into their lives was a move that ultimately paid off. Building these characters before we jump into the action is just what they need when they've played a bit part role in the MCU so far.


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