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Not the most memorable of films, but Escape Room was an interesting twist on the game that seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions attempts to build upon the 2019 films idea with bigger more extravagant "escape rooms", but seems to focus on this and this alone.

Written by Elliot Lines

You know from the off that people have forgotten the first film, instead of the use of flashbacks to aid the film, you get served a "last time on Escape Room" montage, the kind you'd usually find on TV rather than on the big screen.

With a simple premise, escape the room, the film does not ask it's audience to think too much but enjoy. Any fan of the Saw franchise will see the similarities, but a film like this needs gore and plenty of it, which Tournament Of Champions seems to be lacking. The film is at risk of becoming a bore fest for most of it's audience, especially the ones looking for the real entertainment of these characters attempting to get out of these rooms, but failing.

Tournament Of Champions does however attempt to build upon the designs of the rooms. It is clear for all to see that they are going bigger and more extravagant, aiming for gory and horrendous deaths, but there aren't many of these, you might say they're quite underwhelming. It feels like there was a lot of time spent on designing these puzzles but not a lot of time thinking about the consequences as these characters just bumble through them.

At each and every moment it feels like these characters are constantly pointing out the obvious, which after a while gets slightly tedious. Now it's understandable because they're desperate to get out of this situation but it makes the characters annoying throughout.

Not a total disaster, but for most viewers this will not accomplish what it was hoping to do. The new room designs are impressive but it seems like a missed opportunity to really flex on this simple premise, which is clearly going to go further.


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