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Amazon's new sci-fi action film The Tomorrow War has similar vibes to Edge Of Tomorrow, but unfortunately this doesn't meet the same quality and ends up feeling like multiple films crammed into one.

Written by Elliot Lines

After a visit from the future, the human race must help those from the future in a fight against an alien species that has come to earth. A drafting system is put in place, when Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) gets drafted he gets sent into the future where he must fight against the vicious "White Spikes" and makes an unlikely ally.

Standing at a lengthy 2 hours 20 minutes, it takes a little while to get into this. Understandably you're given a tense set up, where it isn't until around 50 minutes in that you actually get an appearance from these aliens. But from here it moves pretty quick through the action set pieces, only to dial back and repeat this formula several times. You could quite easily break this film up into 3 individual segments, which could stand alone. This ultimately made The Tomorrow War feel disjointed, cramming too many ideas into one film.

Even though there are multiple story sections to The Tomorrow War, this certainly took nothing away from the action. What you can expect is explosions, gun fire and some brutal killings by the "White Spikes". Like any big sci-fi epic, plenty of these are exactly what you want to keep an audience interested, making the disjointed feel take a back seat for you to enjoy the ride.

The film attempts to add a sentimental meaning to its story, but this doesn't particularly payoff. An attempt to add emotion almost gets dismissed immediately, taken over by the next action scene, making these emotional moments unforgettable and meaningless. This is attempted across a few different characters, but there isn't enough to build up a connection that you're willing care about.

There is something enjoyable about The Tomorrow War but this kind of film is a personal favourite. The film itself takes this premise and almost tries to squeeze too much into one film, making this feel disjointed, good job the action scenes are entertaining.


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