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Written by Elliot Lines

Who could complain with more Star Wars content? Disney + has provided us with what we want in brick form. Coming up to the Christmas season we get a Holiday Special incorporating all sorts of characters from the galaxy far far away.

Celebrating Life Day, Rey seeks a deeper knowledge of the force and leaves her friends to go in search for answers. Jumping through the time-lines will she find the answers she's looking for and will she get back to celebrate Life Day?

Jumping through the Star Wars time-line gives us a chance to see an array of characters old and new. The adventure we go on is fun, throwing together characters that would never be seen together. You get a chance to see recognisable scenes in brick form, but with a slightly alternate story. The special even takes the chance to pick fun at some of the moments in the universe that fans will relate to.

Lightsaber battles, an abundance of characters and holiday spirit, this special takes the Star Wars universe and makes the most of every single moment.

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