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With episodes 1-6 fully available for the public to feast their eyes on (including the already infamous Herogasm), there is no doubt there is already a clamouring for the final two chapters. They are in for a treat, as episode 7 (Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed) and episode 8 (The Instant White-Hot Wild) are an excellent double hitter.
Written by Jack Ransom / July 8, 2022

Episode 7 is a psychological heavy approach largely centring on Black Noir, Butcher and Homelander. The former’s outlook on life and fear of Soldier Boy is assisted by brutal Looney Tunes & Tom & Jerry inspired cartoon creatures that help convey his thoughts and emotions (though Nathan Mitchell’s body language also excels). Butcher’s raw and traumatic past is also explored (thanks to an encounter with Soldier Boy target and Payback member, Mindstorm). It’s a glimpse into what shaped him into the ruthless yet very family protective persona he is today. Lastly the first glimpse of fear and doubt from Homelander (with him being on the back foot in the Herogasm brawl), is brought to the forefront (once again Antony Starr is fantastic at the nuances, both subtle and not).

Though it may lack the knife edge tension and emotional boiling point of season 2’s phenomenal finale, episode 8 delivers a bombastic and bloody blowout with what is quite possibly the best brutal superhero power showcase the show has seen so far. This series easily is the best at utilising its budget for its effects heavy sequences and the smackdown looks excellent here. Threads are tied and those intriguing enough are left open for the 100% confirmed season 4.

Overall the third season of The Boys delivers exactly what fans want and more. Shocking, hilarious, poignant, disturbing, raw and thrilling are all words used to describe these 8 episodes. Season 4 is setting up to be just as good with what season 3 leaves us with and I for one cannot wait.


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