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With Cassian being in prison the previous two episodes have been mostly a build up to the inevitable prison break. Using the stories across the rest of the Galaxy in the previous episodes to keep the intrigue in the show, episode 10 was prison heavy, which we only expected, with a few updates on what's going on elsewhere.

Normally with prison breaks you get a breakdown of how the plan is going to play out, this isn't the case here. Throughout the previous few episodes we've been given hints of how this may play out but not entirely sure how all the pieces fit together. Little things happen, but all come into play in some way or another, and once everyone is on board there is no way this isn't going to work for Cassian and his inmate followers. The use of the water to fry the electrics then the shear overpowerment of the guards is all it takes for these guys to escape, and it's "spontaneous" plans like this that will make Cassian stand out from the rest and ultimately fight for the Rebellion.

A big part of Cassian's plan is to get Kino, played by Andy Serkis, on board. Leading Serkis to be the most used he has thus far. Serkis as we know is a character actor, and usually we see him behind the CGI in the likes of Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes and even Star Wars, but here they let him shine as himself. Giving a famous face so much o do can sometimes be detrimental to the show, but they have used him sparingly enough so far that this one episode being Serkis heavy isn't an issue. Going forward we don't know what his role will be, but I for one sure hope we see Kino and Cassian together again.

Elsewhere in the Galaxy, Mon Mothma has been given a massive decision regarding her daughter and Davo Sculdun, the thug she wants to get funding from. When he proposes that their children get introduced that could potentially lead to a Chandrilian custom marriage (we're lead to believe). Will she put the Rebellion above her own family? It still remains to be seen, but the loss of her family will most likely come, and this could be why.

We also find out that Luthen has a man on the inside, Supervisor Lonni Jung, who happens to be extremely close to Dedra Meera. When they meet he states that he wants out, but Luthen is not willing to allow this. The revelation of them having a man on the inside proves to us that not only is the ISB totally unaware, but that they are not the ones with the upper hand, but the Rebellion is, or could they know more than they're letting on.

Moving next week into the penultimate episode next week, we still have around a year to cover in the intended story-line, this could call for a House of the Dragon style time jump that will take us to a place of interest rather than stick with the filler episode of "how, when and why". As for this episode, Andor has built itself into something I look forward to every week, something that some other Disney+ shows have lost. And i'll say it every week until proven wrong, but there is something fresh about this part of the Star Wars universe that was much needed in an interesting time for the franchise.


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