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With Cassian back on the run in the open, Episode 7 takes us back to Ferrix in an attempt to get Marva to leave. Dedra comes under scrutiny for her actions but ends on the right side of the Empires commander. And Mon Mothma shows she's hiding behind a front, pushing for the Rebellion.

Andor is nothing like Star Wars has seen before. Gone are the big action shoot-outs (Smaller ones come in previous episodes), but the series is complex in a way that won't please everyone but the show gives you something you can love. It's a character building exercise within the galaxy far far away, and simply because of this there is plenty of interest and intrigue.

This episode heavily involves the well known, Mon Mothma. Here she confides in her childhood friend that all her actions are a front, its the beginning of seeing her journey to being at the forefront of the Rebellion. Genevieve O'Reilly does an outstanding job of portraying a senator that realistically wants to be anywhere else but there, but knows she can do better work from the inside that from the out.

There are small doses of Cassian in the episode. He spends most of his time back of Ferrix in an attempt to get Ma out of there, when she doesn't want to go Cass finds himself heading to what seems like the Florida of Star Wars where we see K2S0 (Or the droid equivalent), just a little easter egg for Rogue One fans. Cass gets arrested, not sure what for, and seemingly imprisoned for 6 years, so it's anyone's guess what waits for him.


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