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Written by Elliot Lines / October 7, 2022

With the previous episodes setting up this series perfectly it was time for the show to move forward towards the main event. Were the first two episodes set up Cassian Andor's character, this episode was very similar in the sense that it would build upon the relationship he is going to have with this crew.

The world feels like a different kind of Star Wars world, where there is no mention of the Jedi whatsoever, a dull world that's been plunged into darkness by the Empire. This crew is full of characters that have a reason for joining the Rebellion, but also have reasons for not trusting Cassian (Who goes by the name Clem in this situation). It's not until he reveals to the team that he is a mercenary, paid to be there, that you feel this team may start to trust him.

Andor started with good foundations, and continues to feel like Star Wars (without the Star Wars), with a character focused direction. Episode 5: The Axe Forgets moves us ever closer to what may just be a mid season Rebellion win, leaving intrigue as to where the series will go after that.

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